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The camera also isn’t great in low-lighting conditions, and the flash is extremely harsh

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In addition to the 16GB of internal storage (as standard), there's a microSD slot for additional storage expansion, accepting cards up to 128GB

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Google already offers its users a site to compare travel destinations and find the cheapest flight fares, for instance.

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He later appeared in videos showing the beheadings of American journalist Steven Sotloff, British aid worker David Haines, British taxi driver Alan Henning, and American aid worker Peter Kassig.

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On October 13 2010, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after 69 days trapped underground

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Campbell turns 36 in November, but is already in his fourth full season as the Rockets coach

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Rajoy remembered Latin American immigrants who he said “gave their lives defending freedom and our common values” in the Spanish army

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“We had a meeting in the batting cage before the game, we were thinking along the lines that Utley was not playing,” said Cespedes through an interpreter

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Altria had already said it would accept AB’s offer, while the Santo Domingos had held firm – leaving the fate of the deal in their hands

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If UKIP wants to build bridges with the Eurosceptic movement, it needs to try a lot harder – it needs to try full stop.

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With Grier behind center, the Gators had vaulted into the top 10 and looked like title contenders once again after a 6-0 start.

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According to this narrative, India’s glory days ended after it was invaded — beginning in the 8th century — by Muslims and then Christians, who converted the Hindu inhabitants

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Depending on what you like to watch, however, you may need to subscribe to several

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But, of course, we've known that for ages

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"Raven is a really Beautiful, Sweethearted, Human Being

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Industry experts say the Mountain View-based company has increasingly been exploring online searches tailored toward specific industries or markets

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Richardson is hardly the hoodlum that some have portrayed him to be in the wake of these recent transgressions

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For Turkey to extricate itself from political deadlock, says Prof Kalaycioglu, the key is for the AKP to go into coalition with another party

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was killed in an attack off Baker Beach, about one mile west of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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There are 30 remaining options in a five-year contract that ends in fiscal 2017 that can be used for foreign orders, Parker told reporters

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According to the company, more than half of visits to the Windows Store now come from Windows 10 users