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The Chargers then moved down the field for Lambo's kick

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Typically, it’s around 15cm (6 inches) across, but it can be much larger or smaller than this.

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We are also taught to pull the pin on a hand grenade and throw it immediately, or we will be caught in the explosion.”

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It is not in the best interests of either boy that the process be artificially prolonged."

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Zizit stayed in the Munich camp for two weeks waiting to be moved to Dortmund but nothing seemed to be happening so one evening she slipped away from the camp and got on a train

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Assange has been holed up in the tiny Ecuadorean Embassy...

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Penguin refuses to be Theo’s lapdog, but has a change of heart when Theo reveals that he’s holding Gertrud hostage.

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Torcetrapib had an off-target effect of raising aldosterone, which subsequently hiked blood pressure to unsafe levels, that occurred independent of CETP inhibition, according to published studies

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“We want you to be able to collaborate with PDF files on Dropbox in as few steps, clicks, or swipes as possible,” Dropbox said in a statement

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But growth has slowed markedly in that time, from 9.5percent in 2011 to being on track for a quarter-century low ofaround 7 percent this year.

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The researchers noted that the number of women in the 40-45 age group increased significantly over the study period

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Carrie Ann likened him to James Dean (just after she thought he'd been Peewee Herman-like in previous weeks

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Richardson’s latest hearing, scheduled for last week, was pushed back to another date in about a month.

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Louis Cardinals 8-6 on Monday for a 2-1 lead in the NL Division Series

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This is the major change.’

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The company, which employs 1,000 staff in the UK, currently has no plans to expand to cities beyond London

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His death at the hands of a Hindu mob was deemed “an accident” by Modi’s culture minister.

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I mean, when Kroft starts pushing the president around because he's basically been his, you know, buddy for the last seven years..."

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The person spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private conversations with Ryan.

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It is a marked departure from previous "rich versus poor" climate negotiations, and already is being hailed as a diplomatic success (albeit a scientific failure).

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And if you don’t make it, you’re still going to have to cough up $150 for the entrance fee and the honor of attempting the challenge in the first place.

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On Monday, the contract dropped $2.53 to close at $47.10 a barrel after a report showed that OPEC members are keeping up production even after a big drop in prices

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"We came back in the bottom of the second inning and it's 'hey, let's get guys on base

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On October 13 2010, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after 69 days trapped underground

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I'm usually hoarse after road games and I'm going to be today as well."

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Travis d’Arnaud hit this screaming topspin forehand over the left field wall in the second

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Then before they knew what hit them, Victor Cruz was being carted off the field in Philadelphia and the Giants lost their first of what would be seven in a row.

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been an outspoken opponent of violence and has maintained security coordination with Israel to prevent the clashes from spinning out of control.

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We did have a nice little lead.

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Spica, however, will be only appear about one-sixth as bright as Mercury, so you'll probably need binoculars to spot it.

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Willis also confirmed that diesel cars fitted with the defeat devices were sold in the UK since 2008

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Late at night while going through preliminary training for the Army’s Ranger School, Maj

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When he veers to insult Mexican-Americans and Mexicans in general, he adds to his bona fides as a nativist-cum-racist

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“This method of secure communication facilitates uncrackable encryption by scrambling the chat content with a key, which is stored only in user device instead of a centralized server

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My earliest memories are of lining up my stuffed toys and dolls in the cockpit of a small Cessna aircraft