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Since then, I’ve had my fair share of conference calls at bathtime and meeting clashes with teatime

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A technique called “cryo-electron tomography” was then used to create 3D images of the supercoiled DNA and all the shapes that it had formed.

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Symptoms of bipolar disorder can include severe mood swings that range from depression to mania

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Julio Jones is battling a hamstring injury for Atlanta, but Devonta Freeman is running strong and putting up top-tier numbers at running back

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Muggy air seeped in through the cracks and once I had thawed out I swayed down the corridor following the deep aroma of fried fish and lemon grass to the dining car

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HoloLens and MagicLeap aim to add virtual objects to real-world experiences, while VR seeks to take users inside immersive environments where anything can happen

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He believes that it is the finest institution, a think tank and an organization that has the power to change India.”

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in Brooklyn — called the MTA capital plan “woefully underfunded” and had never pretended that the city budget lacked the resources to meet Cuomo’s request.

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Since the mac and cheese outburst, he said, his family has been subjected to a "barrage of yelling, screaming, cursing, obnoxious, horrible, hateful, spiteful people" critical of his son's actions.

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Ashley Benson is publically apologizing after having posted photos of herself in a Cecil the Lion on her Instagram account

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San Francisco has the lowest average ATM fee in the country at $3.85, according to the report by

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“You need to think differently if you want to sustain what, for me, is my peak performance, the very best that I can achieve as an athlete every day

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He will have a much greater influence in France next summer

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Peer-to-peer lending, where private borrowers and lenders are matched up, is part of the sharing economy as is rapidly expanding

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And then you're f----- as a nation

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Why, for example, do football managers insist on naming their teams so close to kick-off when rugby coaches do so four days before the match takes place?

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But, he warned, under the right circumstances, "the secretary of state can prosecute."

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"Some countries sent in their commitments and having seen other countries, they took them away and came back with more ambition

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The night was never supposed to be about Utley, a middle infielder who did to Tejada what he has done to a lot of middle infielders, back when he used to be much better at baseball than he is now

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The bill gives the right of implementing the deal to Iran's Supreme National Security Council, the top security body of the country that President Hassan Rouhani heads

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Theo needs Penguin to use his muscle to clear the area

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"Everyone was able to cheer him on and try to make him feel better," Coughlin said

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The contract calls for the Army to buy 39 CH-47Fs in fiscal 2016, which began Oct

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Gale force winds whipped around

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Discussion of the bill in the parliament had been unusually tense, with hard-liners repeatedly trying to prevent a vote on the deal

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"That was the mind-set I brought to the field, just be ready at any point in the game

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Barclays offered the position to Staley, currently managingpartner of U.S

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Martin's third touchdown of the day stretched Tampa Bay's advantage to 38-24, but the Jags refused to pack it in as Bortles would find Robinson yet again to bring them back within a touchdown

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On Monday, the YPG announced a new alliance with small groups of Arab fighters, which could help deflect criticism that it fights only on behalf of Kurds

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The bears started coming down early this year, in late July and early August, as an early berry season petered out in the mountains, wildlife experts say

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It currently controls or shares power in 11.

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I don't see much downside in commodityprices as production cuts will give a fresh boost to metalsprices

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Montage Beverly Hills Hotel, just one of several inns that caters to royals and industry figures from the Gulf, offers Arab-speaking support staff and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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I’ll throw out the pitch and we’ll go from there.

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Things are good right now but I'm never going to be stupid, foolish or ignorant enough to think I have control over the public."

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The intervening months have witnessed the hard graft needed to corral all the evidence into the kind of arguments that will pass muster in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal

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And then coming up into the big leagues, being a rookie starting and having the success he’s had, it’s not easy.