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It sold for $2.3 million to Palm Beach, Fla., businessman William Koch in 2011 at Brian Lebel’s Annual Old West Show and Auction in Denver

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Charlie Scharf now runs Visa, after turning a decent but somewhat directionless JPMorgan retail business into a solid operation.

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Both women spent some of their earliest years in an orphanage after Hughes' mother ran off with her in the middle of the night, leaving O'Brien with their alcoholic father

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"I feel a creative pressure to tell the best story that I can tell, but I like to say that network television trained me to do one year and out

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Penguin wisely says no, but Theo is not the sort to take no for an answer, so he blackmails him into doing it anyway by kidnapping Penguin’s mom

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WHO said polio is spreading from three countries– Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon

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The usual outrage charade followed

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Durie is married to Sarah and they have a baby son, Thomas

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They used data from functional MRI (fMRI), which records subtle ups and downs in the busyness of the brain.

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Our source says Mazar, one of Madonna’s best friends, likes to regale the crew with tales of her wild days with the pop superstar.

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Each RSS volunteer was given a page from the electoral rolls containing about 100 names

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If Bart can give us an inning, it would help

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They conclude that the whole ...

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A viewer alerted officers to a Toyota emblem on her steering wheel and Beall helped by announcing that she was driving with a flat tire

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“I really mean this so much

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The study volunteers were all asked to follow a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet

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In all other species of hornbill - there are more than 60 in Africa and Asia - the casque is hollow, but the helmeted hornbill's is solid

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The final homer for Chicago went to Fowler, practically an elder statesman in Maddon's youthful lineup

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We need to do the same for dementia," noted Mr Martin.

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One of the appealing things of Moto's handsets is how close to stock Android they are

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dollar weakening is also reported to be underpinning the rally," AAA said

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The ship will be able to carry helicopters.

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Almost half of UK households buying groceries visit Aldi or Lidl every month, market researcher Nielsen has said

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“Import growth remained sluggish, suggesting weakening domestic demand, particularly investment demand," said Yang Zhao, China economist at Nomura Holdings in Hong Kong

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We have heard the Mars exploration mantra for more than a decade: follow the water

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Meanwhile, after Novak Djokovic thrashed Nadal 6-2, 6-2 in the Beijing final, presenters Catherine Whitaker and David Law debate whether Nadal can ever beat him again

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Hardware upgrade on devices generally accounts for some heat generation but in this case, the new thermal compound is expected to maintain the temperature.

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Hafeez sweeps, fetches it from a long way, and gets himself a two

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Reid said the Chiefs would split carries between backups Knile Davis and Charcandrick West, and wide receiver De'Anthony Thomas has experience at running back

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"Staying at home should always be a viable first option for a person with dementia

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4 outburst at the university's student union food court in Storrs, where the university is based

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Springer said vistors to the website of Bild, Europe'stop-selling tabloid, will be asked to switch off the adblockeror pay a monthly fee of 2.99 euros ($3.40) to browse the websitemostly ad-free.

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The killing of the retired teacher from Chicago remains unsolved.

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Jennifer Connell, 54, believes little Sean Tarala, now 12, should have known better than to jump into her arms as a means of welcoming her to his birthday party in 2011, reported Monday.

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If they ever got to the point where they are like 'we can't stand this anymore', then we just wouldn't do it."

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If I'm doing a Marvel film I will not stop the show and say, hey we gotta talk about this guy's background and the psychological motivation for him to say 'Run, run, run' here."

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The current EU Euro 6 standard allows almost double the amount.

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“I appreciate the confidence that Donnie has, the confidence in me to do it,” Kershaw said

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If you suffer from hay fever, make sure you have an adequate supply of your chosen medication," said ASI chief executive, Sharon Cosgrove.

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Utley’s suspension, whether it stands up to his appeal or not, doesn’t get Tejada his October back

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“I just allowed it, like what am I going to do,” Cuotto said

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And we need employers in sectors with large female workforces, such as care services, retail and hospitality, to give their staff fairer pay.

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He told our homicide detectives that he was angry about a situation and he just picked somebody to murder," Dallas police Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin told KXAS-TV

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"Oil dropped the most in three weeks after OPEC reported that its members pumped the most crude in three years

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Hungarian policemen stand by the family of migrants as they wanted to run away at the railway station in the town of Bicske, Hungary, September 3, 2015

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However, satellite images of the same area appeared to show only 14 buildings remaining a year later