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Anderson starts with a good one

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"Michelle, don't fire me for this right now, but some people do look like animals," Raven said during an episode of "The View." "Is that rude? I look like a bird

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"Raven is a really Beautiful, Sweethearted, Human Being

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Industry experts say the Mountain View-based company has increasingly been exploring online searches tailored toward specific industries or markets

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Richardson is hardly the hoodlum that some have portrayed him to be in the wake of these recent transgressions

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For Turkey to extricate itself from political deadlock, says Prof Kalaycioglu, the key is for the AKP to go into coalition with another party

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was killed in an attack off Baker Beach, about one mile west of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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There are 30 remaining options in a five-year contract that ends in fiscal 2017 that can be used for foreign orders, Parker told reporters

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According to the company, more than half of visits to the Windows Store now come from Windows 10 users

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Kind of surprised they didn’t get back into Harvey’s innings limit thing

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The Hemingways, the Scott Fitzgeralds, the Churchills welcomed the hospitality that opened its arms to them

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More efforts are needed to persuade and support women to kick the habit

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Just four episodes into the first season of “Younger,” TV Land renewed it for a second season and ordered 12 episodes

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As the inventor of PDF, Adobe brings over 20 years of experience with secure digital documents to help businesses compete more effectively

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Government officials confiscated the orangutan kept as a pet by a resident to relocate it to an orangutan center, local media said on Tuesday

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Swift says "The public could change their minds about me tomorrow

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Staley, who was on the shortlist when Barclays looked for a CEO in 2012, had left JPMorgan in early 2013 after 34 years at the bank to join Blue Mountain Capital

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The money will inject capital into AngelList "syndicates." A "syndicate" is a group of investors: with one who serves as the lead on a deal and others who contribute as backers

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But in theory there could be some repercussions

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When sending us pictures, video or eyewitness accounts at no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws

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We're close to a name, which points to one group."

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Or what sentence has been imposed; potential terms are between 10 and 20 years

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"But I think the novelty will be short lived

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AB InBev has previously said it should not have any trouble funding the transaction, with a net debt to core profit (EBITDA) set to fall to a comfortable two times next year

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They didn’t just lay out a shortstop on this night

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Compared to white wines, the red wines in the study had about seven times higher levels of total phenols, such as resveratrol, the study said.

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A Houthi militant stands outside al-Nour mosque in Yemen's capital Sanaa, October 7, 2015

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But we found that the standby button rattles when you tap the phone, which lets the side down a little

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The cattle drive helped researchers narrow the location of the photo to New Mexico and the former ranch of one of Billy the Kid's employers, John Tunstall

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Fourth quarter results include an expected reduction of $0.02 due to the absence of anti-dilutive share repurchases

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Every person and company involved in the commercial medical marijuana trade will be required to obtain both a local operating permit and an annual state license beginning Jan

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That was the story on this night, not Chase Utley, who only matters now in baseball when he throws a rolling block that breaks a leg