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The way the 488 Spider accelerates provides avisceral thrill of pure performance

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It was the first time Cosby, 78, testified under oath since dozens of women came forward over the past year with accusations of sexual misconduct, some of which date back to the 1960s

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Labor has opposed the pact out of fear it would cost manufacturing jobs and weaken environmental laws.

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All I had to safeguard me from a high hard one was a plastic press pass, which is just slightly more rigid than a MetroCard.

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Enter Tabitha Galavan to introduce him to the source of all his ire in a conveniently-timed meet-and-greet with her brother, Theo.

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pursues a new strategy, Russia has continued air strikes against targets it claims to be terrorists

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Dickey, the 2012 NL Cy Young winner when he won 20 games for the New York Mets, allowed one run over 4 2-3 innings and was pulled with a 7-1 lead, with a runner on base

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Co-hosted by political blogger Michelle Kraus at the home YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, the Silicon Valley fundraiser aims to raise $27,000 for Clinton's campaign

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21, andfar below two-year highs above 13 percent touched as recently aslate August.

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He has declared: “Socks and ties are the only ostentatious statement a well-dressed man can make.”

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While Alaska's income from the oil continues to fall, expenditure on climate related activities is likely to go up

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A problem arises due to India's strict "local-sourcing norms" which affect foreign companies from directly investing in retail

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Last year he said the Obama administration's unilateral decision to use military force in Libya was improper.

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She told Refinery 29: “The year was not merely me trying to transition in my career – it was my entire life

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Serbia's MPs refused the proposal of the opposition to put on the agenda the decision to set up an inquiry committee on the wiretapping scandal.

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This study will provide an accurate baseline of the cognitive functions of healthy adults over the age of 50," he noted.

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"We had to do what was required to win

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Doctors have known that alcohol can be heart healthy for many people, but it was unclear for patients with diabetes exactly what was helpful

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The image of stone-faced Chase Utley staring right into the camera in front of him lingered on the video board at Citi Field for about 20 seconds as the boos began to build

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With this research, researchers ...

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However, investors are still waiting for proof that PCSK9inhibitors actually reduce heart attacks and strokes, and don'tjust reduce cholesterol

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Another big question is how the fixes could affect fuel consumption and engine power

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The difference wasn't statistically significant.

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Assange is still subject to arrest for jumping bail and holing up in the embassy while wanted for questioning over sexual assault allegations in Sweden

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Restructuring costs would total around $50 million, it said in a statement.

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Once it was the privileged rich who did such giddy things

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Investigators said Johnson had recently been kicked out of his home and was full of rage.

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The book is expected to investigate how a "more, better, faster" ethos fueled one of the greatest frauds in corporate history.

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The Justice Department's involvement in the matter was previously unreported.

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Atkins hopes the findings of the research will change that

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But, he says "without the Fed in the driving seat, it would be a surprise if the euro/dollar corrects meaningfully higher (perhaps 1.25)."

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The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) provided the foot soldiers in last year’s landslide general election victory by Modi, who joined the movement in his youth.

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His first big campaign to convince every german they could own a good car

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It also offered FX Energy shareholders $1.15 in cash foreach common share and $25 for each preffered share, valuing thefirm's equity at $83 million

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The defense minister, Gen Nakatani, said work on the site would be suspended, but that it would restart as soon as possible

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So maybe the lack of match-practice was to blame.

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Food prices - which have been falling as result of the supermarket price wars - rose last month by 0.02pc.

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"We will have to rely on policy stimulus to safeguard the 7percent growth target," said an economist from a governmentthink-tank

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interest rate hike this year pushed the dollar lower and lifted the euro above $1.14 for the first time in a month.

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Indeed, the concern here is precisely the opposite, that decisions were driven not by the professional judgment of officers and prosecutors but by politics.

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In Boyle’s absence, defenseman Kevin Klein will play on the point of the Blueshirts’ first power play alongside Keith Yandle

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OnCard said it will undertake a share capital raising to"assist" with funding of the acquisition if it decides toproceed with a deal